Digital Government, Digital Service

Digital Government, Digital Service

On 23th of November, 2011 i was in “Dijital Başkent” event of Bilkom -authorised distributor of Apple in Turkey- to talk about “Digital Government & Digital Citizen Services”

First i started to talk about Wikileaks, Arap Spring and Occupy the Wall-Street which are best-practices of social-media effects in public sector world wide.

Then i gave a detailed-summary for X, Y, Z generations and their unique behaviours. And gave a quick brief for realtions between these generations. Nowadays, X generation is in the charge of lots of management position, when Y and Z generations are waiting citizen services from them.

And at the end of presentation i had a chance to share about our experience with SAP’s iPad apps in Turkish Public Sector, as a part of SAP’s Public Sector team.

You can find my presentation below;


Babaoğlan is a seasoned sales leader and management professional with 8 years of diverse experience on solution selling and key account management in global players.

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  1. December 24, 2011 @ 4:59 pm Web Tasarım

    nice article.


  2. January 5, 2012 @ 2:31 pm Devlet Yönetiminde Sosyal Medya'nın Rolü | Ali Rıza BABAOGLAN

    […] günlerde Bilkom’un düzenlediği ve benimde Dijital Yaşam Koçu ünvanı ile katıldığım “Dijital Başkent” etkinliğinde bu konuya değindim ve oldukça olumlu tepkiler aldım. Etkinlikte yapmış olduğum […]


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