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2013 Mobile Trends For Marketers

With more than 1 billion smartphones in consumers’ pockets at the beginning of 2013, mobile is driving a second Internet revolution that’s even more profound than the first one.

Mobile creates new value for consumers and businesses, alters cost structures, and disrupts ecosystems. That’s why marketers must move away from tactical mobile efforts to more transformative mobile marketing strategies in 2013.

This mobile trends report elaborates on how they will continue to evolve in 2013, and highlights new mobile trends that we expect to see this year.

Forresters’ that report gives a list of the over-hyped topics that we believe will fail to provide real business value in the short term.

The Key Takeaways:

1. Advanced marketers will integrate mobile into a multi-year strategy vision
Mobile platforms will act as a catalyst for the next generation of connected experiences. In particular, smart apps connected to products and CRM systems will emerge. In 2013, leading marketers will anticipate the longer-term mobile disruption and ship from tactical efforts to more transformative mobile strategies.

2. Implementing this strategy requires significant investment and marketing control
Mobile on the cheap is over. Implementing the complex technology to make the most of mobile opportunities requires a new vision of how to interact with customers, significant changes in culture and competencies across business and IT, and more investment. Leading marketers will take back mobile ownership from agencies and services vendors.

3. It is still early days: Some hyped mobile trends will disappoint
Indoor location, cross-channel attribution, responsive design, analytics solutions, mobile “big data,” and other mobile technologies will make progress, but they won’t be game-changers this year.

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