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2018 MENA Investment Summary

The most comprehensive report on the state of the MENA Venture Investment landscape with detailed insights on the state of the MENA startup ecosystem including industry, country and investor breakdowns recently published.

Here are some key details;

2018 proved to be another record year for the MENA startup ecosystem with 366 deals, more investments than ever before in MENA-based startups, and total funding up 31% from 2017.

Record # of deals and $ funding in 2018 (excl. Souq & Careem) 366 deals marks a new record in investments in MENA based startups, up 3% from 2017. Another record of total funding when you remove previous investments in Souq.com and Careem, up 31% on 2017

Startups graduate to later stages of funding Maturity in the startup ecosystem has seen more startups raise later stages of investment, with 14% of all deals at series A, 3% at Series B, and 2% at Series C and higher in 2018

155+ institutions invested in MENA startups, 30% from outside the region 2018 saw a 5% increase in the number of institutions and angel groups investing in MENA-based startups, of which 47% had not previously invested in the region

UAE remained the top destination for startup investment UAE accounted for 30% of all deals, while Egypt (22% of deals) saw the biggest increase of 7% and Lebanon (10% of deals) saw the biggest drop of 4%

FinTech overtook E-commerce as the most actively invested industry FinTech, ranked first, accounted for 12% of all deals, while E-commerce came second (11%), followed by Delivery & Transport in third (9%)

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