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7 Best Ideas to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Twitter -worldwide microblogging platform- is getting more and more popular day by day. Once a site for developers and bloggers, Twitter has hit the mainstream of news, politics, sports, and entertainment. And because of that popularity, its population increase really fast and now Twitter has more than 300 million users worldwide.

In that fastly growing area, users (such as brands or individual accounts) wants to reach more people easily and make a buzz effect from their tweets.

I do not need to say that Twitter is also a marketing tool. So how can we differentiate our self with 140 characters and what should we do to use Twitter effectively?

This question is getting more popular nowadays, that all users try to figure out.

Here are the best 7 ideas which will increase your followers on Twitter:

1. Find People You Already Know!
2. Announce that You are On-board!
3. Follow Trends, Join Conversation!
4. Pay Attention to Your Followers!
5. Connect Your Social Life!
6. Put Twitter on Your E-mails!
7. Run Contest with Small Carrots!

To talk about the details of that 7-simple way, I attend SosyalKafa -well-known Turkish social media TV Program- and discuss with Erkan Saka.

You can watch it here:


Twitter'i Etkin Kullanma – Ali Rıza BABAOĞLAN from Ali Rıza BABAOĞLAN on Vimeo.

And you can find the presentation on the program below;

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