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Data Defines The Future Of Social Relationship Platforms

According to latest Forrester’s research, barely one-half of marketers are satisfied with their social relationship marketing programs. Most still face a long list of challenges, from measurement to content creation to staffing. But the social relationship platforms those marketers have hired to solve these problems are failing them: Most marketers wouldn’t recommend their SRP to a peer.

“Data In” Practices Will Make Social Relationship Marketing More Successful
Fortunately for marketers, a new breed of emerging SRPs is harnessing data to solve their problems. These vendors reduce social marketers’ workloads and improve their output by telling them what topics will work best, helping them source content, and publishing at the best possible moment. The best of these tools can even automate mundane tasks.

“Data Out” Practices Will Improve Social Measurement
Measurement is both marketers’ greatest social challenge and SRPs’ greatest opportunity. SRPs’ biggest contribution to measurement will come from exporting marketers’ data to established measurement tools like mix modeling and attribution vendors. Vendors can also help marketers use social data to improve their marketing in other channels.

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