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Digital Humans and Health

Previously, I shared my observations in my last article titled The Future, which was related to ‘internet of things’ and our future path on the way of technology.

I challenged a question to my audience about digital humans and asked to compare ‘robots’ and ‘humans’.

The outcome is simple.

Humans are compelled to robotize and visa-versa, which leads both of them to intercept inevitably in a common ground.

The world is becoming digital and people are becoming digital as well.

The rise of the digital humanities will be the final outcome.

So, what will happen when we face the emergence of the virtual and real world and absorb it?

Such an intriguing subject. Separating into detailed phases and to overthink about it, is a must.

As a result, I put down my thoughts on a paper.

A crucial part of the subject is the survival of the current systems and the ability to proceed when digital human arise.

These needs of digital system secured by well-known anti-virus solutions (such as Symantec, McAfee, TrendMicro, Kaspersky, ESET etc.) Unless the computer system may suffer from viruses abruptly and does not function properly. While people entrust to doctors.

We resist viruses by using medicines. Still, many people use empowering and supporting products produced by different manufacturers.

When digital human appears, these two cases (anti-virus solution providers and doctors) should mesh.

With the first installation of a microchip into a human being, (that already occurred), the security is the main concern at the present.

Besides the doctors, our health will be confided to microchips that placed in our bodies on the digital human era. This structure could be named as robotic blood-cell.

It is an important discussion point among the expert, already lots of articles have been written about.

Strengthen the human body with microchips is inevitable today.

Among the authorities, the anti-virus is a subject of experience and hands-on expertise such as doctors. We prefer experienced doctors than callow ones hereby we have to choose the most seasoned anti-virus software.

Hence the decisions will affect our mutual digital life.

How about digital people hanging among us?

Are we ready?

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