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Do you remember Paul the Octopus?

He was a common octopus from Weymouth, England.

Paul lived in a tank at a commercial attraction, the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany and became internationally famous after his feeding behavior was used to correctly predict the winner of each of the Germany national football team’s seven matches in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, as well as the outcome of the final. Sea Life aquarium’s Paul the Octopus, made famous from his 100% correct soccer tournament predictions from 2010 is back in action.

As SAP, we are really pleased to announce our new Paul The Octopus iPhone App.

With that innovative HANA-powered iPhone app; “Paul the Octopus Predicts European Champions League” we allow people to submit their European Champions League predictions and compete against predictions coming from a virtual Paul the Octopus. Play against Paul by predicting the outcome of the European Champions League Soccer match games and try to beat Paul’s precognizant prowess. Faceoff against Paul and your friends by testing your knowledge against Paul’s deep archive of facts and figures. Dive in and experience Paul’s vast knowledge of European Champions League.

That creative app is created by SAP in conjunction with Sea Life and powered by SAP HANA.

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