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Global CVC Report of 2018

The CB Insights just published Global CVC Report for 2018 which is a comprehensive, data-driven look at global corporate venture capital activity in 2018. Below are key findings of the report;

Global CVC deal and dollar activity reached historic highs in 2018:
Funding increased significantly in 2018, increasing approximately 47% over 2017. Deals increased 32% over the same period. Q2’18 saw a record 757 CVC deals and $14.1B in funding.

35% increase in new CVC investors year over year: 
264 new, unique CVCs invested for the first time in 2018, up 35% from 2017.

GV was most active overall, CapitalG invested in the most unicorns:
Google Ventures was the most active CVC in 2018, while CapitalG (Google Capital) invested in the most unicorns.

Internet, mobile, and healthcare saw funding and deal growth:
Internet deals backed by CVCs were up 36%, while funding was up 80%. Mobile deals increased by 18% in 2018, while funding was up 26%. Finally, healthcare deals increased by 23% and funding was up by 51%.

China, Japan, India, and the UK deal activity reached new highs:
China deals backed by CVCs were up 54%, while funding was up 51%. Japan deals increased by 101% in 2018, while funding was up 56%. Deals in India increased by 20% and funding reached a high of $1.8B.

Activity in Europe and the UK was also up: 
CVC deals to European companies were up 17%, while funding was up 74%. In the UK, activity was up 39% and funding was up 92% year-over-year.

CVC deals and funding to US companies rebounds: 
Activity to US companies jumped 11% to 1,046 deals, while funding increased by 28% to $26.5B – both record high totals.

California, New York, and Massachusetts reach new highs: 
In California, CVC-backed deals and funding increased by 11%. In New York, funding rebounded to a high of $3.2B, while deals remained stagnant. CVC-backed funding to Massachusetts-based startups exploded 76% to $4.1B.

CVC activity in AI and cybersecurity grows: 
In 2018, CVC deal activity to AI, cybersecurity, and digital health reached all-time highs. While CVC-backed funding to the AI and cybersecurity industries also reached record highs, digital health funding hit a 3-year low.

GV is an active investor in AI, cybersecurity, and digital health: 
In each of these emerging industries, Google Ventures is one of the most active investors. Intel Capital was also one of the most active investors in AI and cybersecurity.

You can find detailed report below;

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