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The Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2013

The transition to a new energy paradigm will not be feasible without a suite of strategic tools that help the understanding of different pathways to the future. The Energy Architecture Performance Index (EAPI) benchmarks and ranks 105 countries globally on how well their energy system delivers economic growth and development, environmental sustainability and energy security and access.

In a changing global energy landscape, countries are seeking ways to manage the transition to new energy systems that better deliver on these core goals. The EAPI offers a tool for decision makers to monitor the performance of their energy system and a basis for assessing areas to improve.

While accepting that each and every country has a distinct set of energy priorities and opportunities, Energy Architecture Performance Index (EAPI) analysis has shown some common themes developing across the various regions and economic clusters studied.

The World Economic Forum in collaboration with Accenture and a panel of experts have developed an Energy Architecture Performance Index (EAPI). I would like to share the report is at The Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2013

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