Shift from Mobile 1.0 to Mobile 2.0

Shift from Mobile 1.0 to Mobile 2.0

Utilities, Healthcare, Financial Services, Retailers and other leading adopters are reworking their mobile strategies to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Mobility is changing the way industries operate. Not one industry; all industries..

The shift from a wired to a wireless world is proving to be almost as dynamic as the shift from horses to automobiles.

It’s not just the ability to receive data on mobile devices. These devices have become so powerful in recent years that they can frequently replicate high-end functions previously limited to laptops and desktops, such as showing video and other graphics. “Those devices are getting more capable every year, and with the proliferation of them we have opened the door to application innovation” notes Andrew McAfee, principal research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Digital Business and the coauthor of the new book Race Against the Machine

“We’re going to see some fantastic things, in every area of the organization.” This innovation enables industries to leverage those capabilities in the workplace for executive dashboards, equipment maintenance, and even training programs.

Here is a brief description prepared with Harvard Business Review and SAP‘s partnership which shows the all details about how Mobility is changing Utilities, Healthcare, Financial Services and Retailers all over the world.

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