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2018 MENA Investment Summary

The most comprehensive report on the state of the MENA Venture Investment landscape with detailed insights on the state of the MENA startup ecosystem including industry, country and investor breakdowns recently published. Here are some key details; 2018 proved to be another record year for the MENA startup ecosystem with 366 deals, more investments than… Continue reading 2018 MENA Investment Summary

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Global CVC Report of 2018

The CB Insights just published Global CVC Report for 2018 which is a comprehensive, data-driven look at global corporate venture capital activity in 2018. Below are key findings of the report; Global CVC deal and dollar activity reached historic highs in 2018:Funding increased significantly in 2018, increasing approximately 47% over 2017. Deals increased 32% over… Continue reading Global CVC Report of 2018