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The Future

For a while, as a person who lives in Dublin and works in Europe’s Silicon Valley, I can see the evolution of technology clearly.

Since the 1960’s, parallel to hardware developments from room-sized computers to PC’s, notebooks and tablets; nowadays cloud technologies and software-based services are opening different doors to consumers.

The world we are living currently provides service with acceptable prices by the help of small hardware and software technology integrated with the internet.

The next step is the internet of things.

After we, the humans connected to the internet, the objects we own (devices and all the other creatures we have) will connect to the internet and communicate between themselves via internet network is the point we are trying to reach.

In order to ensure this infrastructure, the necessary technological part is almost ready. The progress achieved in processor technology and with the usage of IPv6 provides us that necessary structure.

I had already mentioned about this subject, in one of my speech Turkish Information Conference in 2008.

At the moment, all we need is effective services on smart devices.

Designing in that area is limited to the human brain’s limit, so unlimited.

For instance, driver-less cars and glasses connected to the internet which Google announced in 2012, remote controlled washing machines and wireless smart TV’s.

This is it; Web 3.0!

It means, the creatures except a human being, has also started using the internet in order to provide additional benefits to us.

Different service points can be executed also.

Hence, entrepreneurs have started focusing on this area different business areas and technological developments will occur.

As entrepreneurship becomes a world trend, entrepreneurs are looking for new area to get improved.

This is such a dilemma that these improvements can be used both for human benefits or against that. We will experience it in upcoming years.

Although it seems inevitable, can creatures be smarter than people?

What do you think?

İnternet’in Geleceği Üzerine – Ali Rıza BABAOĞLAN from Ali Rıza BABAOĞLAN on Vimeo.

*a tv cast from a program that i attend at Turkey about that topic.

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