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Year-Ahead Predictions for 2019

Companies must prepare for significant global events that will occur and trends that will gain momentum in the coming year. A.T. Kearney Global Business Policy Council is helping them to focus right points.

As part of its mandate, the A.T. Kearney Global Business Policy Council continually scans the horizon for developments along the key dimensions of demography, economy, environment, geopolitics, governance, resources, and technology. In assessing this wide range of dimensions, the Council keeps its finger on the pulse of events and trends that are likely to affect the external operating environment. They use the insights gleaned to help business leaders and strategic planners be mindful of likely near-term developments that could affect their industries broadly and their companies specifically.

Year-Ahead Predictions 2019 makes 10 significant predictions, including forecasts of events that they believe, will occur and trends that they expect will gain momentum in the coming year. For each prediction, they first explain the current state of play and then lay out their expectations for how it will unfold over the next 12 months.

Each of these developments will have an important near-term impact on the global business environment in its own right. When considered together, these predictions signify potentially profound shifts.

This is the third consecutive year in which the Council has made such predictions. As in the past, they hold themselves to account by assessing the validity of the predictions they made the previous year at the end of the publication.

The Global Business Policy Council makes 10 key predictions for 2019, all of which we believe will have important implications for the global business environment:

  1. The US-China trade war will intensify.
  2. Bitcoin will lead to the consolidation and maturation of the cryptocurrency market.
  3. The global trash crisis will spur innovations in waste management.
  4. Theglobalshippingindustrywillcrashintonewsulfur regulations.
  5. The Xi–Putin relationship will be the world’s most consequential bromance.
  6. The global anxiety epidemic will lead to a proliferation of new products.
  7. sand shortage will grind the gears of the global construction industry.
  8. The looming emerging markets credit crisis will grow in both scale and scope.
  9. Africa will be more connected than ever.
  10. Real-life “Iron Man” will materialize in the form of exoskeletons.

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